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Cross over chart of Totaline HEPA Products Totaline Part# ......Goodman Part#:

HEPA Filter Replacement:

  • P102-1919-1 Carbon Prefilter 1 for P102-550A ....AMP-W5-0810
  • P102-1919-2 Carbon VOC After Filter 2 for P102-550A ....AMP-W5-0820
  • P102-1919-2A Carbon/Potassium Permanganate VOC After Filter 2 for P102-550A ....AMP-W5-0885
  • P102-1919-6A True HEPA Filter 6 for P102-550A ....AMP-W5-0860-3
  • P102-30810 Inner Carbon VOC Blanket (optional) for P102-350 ....AMP-W3-0810
  • P102-30840 Certified True HEPA Filter Cylinder for P102-350 ....AMP-W3-0840
  • P102-30855 Carbon Prefilter Blanket for P102-350 ....AMP-W3-0855
  • P102-40810 Inner Carbon VOC Blanket (optional) for P102-450 ....AMP-W4-0810
  • P102-40840 Certified True HEPA Filter Cylinder for P102-450 ....AMP-W4-0840
  • P102-40855 Carbon Prefilter Blanket for P102-450 ....AMP-W4-0855
  • P102-D40400 HEPA Media Filter ....AMP-DMH4-0400
  • P102-D40810 Carbon Prefilter ....AMP-DMH4-0810
  • P102-D40855 Prefilter, MERV ....AMP-DMH4-0855
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Replacement for Totaline CG1000 Air Filter by Cimatec Totaline P102-1620 Totaline P102-1625
Totaline P102-2020 Totaline P102-2025

Totaline Filters, Prefilters & Filter Media

Our selection of Totaline HEPA products includes filter end caps, carbon filter blankets, Totaline prefilters, and a range of Totaline filter sizes and types. We also have Totaline UV bulbs designed to deliver the additional germicidal filtration necessary to provide the cleanest indoor air for your whole home or office ventilation system. All of our Totaline replacement filters are designed to safely remove dirt, dust, dander and harmful allergens from indoor environments using the most advanced filter media available. Totaline filters are especially beneficial for those dealing with respiratory issues or those who live with multiple pets or heavy smokers.

Upgrading to Totaline filters is a fast, simple way to affordably improve the indoor air quality of your home or office. We offer the most competitive prices on the market and fast shipping on all orders. Buy today to start enjoying cleaner indoor air, or contact us for more information and our experts will help you find exactly what you need.