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Lennox Healthy Climate 64X36 UV Bulb 16in Healthy Climate 1000-BG Lennox Healthy Climate PureAir X8794 101297-01 55W 2G11 Lamp
Healthy Climate X8149 Healthy Climate Y0390 Healthy Climate Y0391
The Healthy Climate® germicidal light emits ultraviolet
(UVC) energy, which has been proven effective in
reducing microbes such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts,
and molds.
UVC germicidal lights greatly reduce the growth and
proliferation of mold and other bioaerosols (bacteria
and viruses) on illuminated surfaces.
Germicidal lights are NOT intended to be used for
removal of active mold growth. Existing mold growth
must be appropriately removed PRIOR to installation of
the germicidal light.