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Air Filters

Changing your furnace filters when recommended extends the life of your equipment. Let's face it a dirty filter not only doesn't clean the air like a new one, but is can cause pressure drop which will add to the cost of running your equipment. It has been said that the EPA estimates that the air inside your home can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. Contaminants can cause sinus irritation, allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Air filters / air cleaners, depending on the MERV rating, can also reduce dust, pollen, fungi, mold, pet dander, asthma, smoke, smog, spores, viruses and bacteria.

Our goal is to provide the quickest turn around with competitive prices. When you shop with us, we stand behind our product and services with a 100% money back guarantee. We would like to believe once you've purchased from us you would have no reason to shop anywhere else for your furnace filter needs.

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In addition to changing your air filter, proper maintenance of your humidifier, like replacing the water pad, (AKA) water filter, water panel, will increase your level of comfort by adding just the right amount of moisture to your indoor environment. During the heating season, your humidifier will not only make you feel more comfortable, it will decrease your utility bill, and it will help protect your home and its furnishings. Your humidifier is easy to use and easy to live with.

Maintenance is required on a periodic basis, depending on environment, to keep it in peak operating condition. The homeowner manual will outline these steps for you, as well as other basic operating procedures so you can enjoy the full benefits of the humidifier.

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UV Treatment

To understand why many of today`s health problems can be caused by the home you live in, you need to look back a few years to see what caused this to happen. During the energy crisis of the early 1970s, highly insulated homes became popular because of their potential to reduce energy costs.

Within a few years, however, complaints started to arise, due to health, and excessive moisture issues caused by indoor pollution, and associated moisture problems within these homes.

In the late 1980s and early 90s, indoor air quality became a nationally recognized issue. Even today, newer and more energy-efficient homes seemed predisposed to these problems. In addition, they retain more humidity and airborne pollutants, which cause longer life-spans, and more productive cycles of microbial activity within, such as mold, germs, bacteria and viruses.

This greater activity and concentration of these airborne contaminants, equates to more allergic reactions, and sickness within families, for longer periods of time.

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Pressure Drop - the amount of air lost through the restriction of the filter
OEM - original equipment manufacturer
IAQ - indoor air quality
MICRON - form of measurement, examples, pet dander 1-10 microns, bacteria .35-10 microns
MERV- rating system on the ability of the filter to capture particles, the higher the number the better the filter
HEPA -high efficiency particulate absorbing 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger

Return Policy:

We only accept returns less than 30 days from ship date with an RMA# issued by us.
We charge a 25% re-stock fee on returns if you received the product you purchased.
If you purchased the wrong product we will waive the re-stock fee if you re-purchase the correct product.
If we ship the incorrect product, we will issue a return shipping label and exchange or refund full amount of product.
Product must be returned unused and in new condition.
We only credit shipping cost if we shipped the wrong product.

Damaged Product:

If your product arrives damaged please contact us. If possible, please provide pictures to help settle the claim process faster. Generally, replacements will be sent out immediately, you will be informed if otherwise. On occasion, FedEx will want to pick up the package for their own inspection, if they choose to do so they will contact you directly to arrange a time.


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