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UV Replacement Lamp (12″) AS-OH-1010 / AS-IH-1010 UltraMAX T3 UV Lamp Replacement (12″) AS-IH-1001 UltraMAX T3 UV Lamp Replacement (17 in) AS-IH-1003
UVPhotoMAX Dual Spectrum UVC Fixed Lamp Replacement AS-IH-1013
SOLARIS™ UV lights—HVAC Disinfection Germicidal UV light is an eco-friendly method to disinfect HVAC cooling coils, drain pans, blowers and other wet surfaces keeping them free of mold and other bio-growth.

  • The HVAC system will no longer be a major source of mold allergen.
  • Clean coils maximize HVAC efficiency and save energy.
  • T3™ UV lamps provide 40% more UV intensity without increased power consumption.
  • Lasts up to 18,000 hours, twice as long as typical UV lamps!