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GENERALAire 1042LH Legacy Flow Through By - Pass Humidifier 24V GENERALAire 1099LHS Legacy Flow Through By - Pass Humidifier 24V GENERALAire 1137 Legacy Humidifier
GENERALAire 900M Elite Humidifier

Whole-House Humidifiers

When the temperature drops during winter, moisture gets sucked out of the air—leaving your home with poor air quality and your family with dry skin. Thankfully, by quickly installing one of our furnace humidifiers, you can send a steady flow of water vapor through your ductwork. Low-humidity climates are a breeding ground for viruses, but increased moisture in your house will improve your overall well-being.

These bypass humidifiers are designed to trap warm air escaping the furnace and then convert the thermal energy into airborne moisture. The heat generated from this process allows you to keep your thermostat at low settings while staying warm—lowering your energy costs as a result.

At Filters4Life, we offer a wide selection of powered humidifiers that will improve your family’s health and decrease your energy bill. If you aren’t sure which humidifier will work for your home or business, call our customer support team and we’ll give you a recommendation. Order now and we’ll ship your humidifier straight to your door!