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Goodman / Amana UV Air Purifiers - UA Series Goodman / Amana UV Coil Purifiers Furnaces - UC36D16 Series Goodman / Amana UV Coil Purifiers Air Handlers - UC18S Series
Honeywell UV100A-1059 Ultraviolet Air Treatment System 120V 36W Honeywell UV100E-1043 Ultraviolet Air Treatment System 120V 18W Honeywell UV2400U1000 24V UV Air Purifier
Ultravation ORT245T Orion ION Generator York Ultraviolet Air Treatment System

Germicidal UV Lamps & Light Kits

We sell a wide range of ultraviolet light kits for HVAC systems. Germicidal UV lamps destroy dangerous microorganisms that are not caught by your system’s filters. These UV air cleaners easily mount inside your air duct and provide constant ultraviolet air treatment for your home or business. Ultraviolet light kits are especially important for those with allergy sensitivities or compromised immune systems. UV air cleaners are also great for keeping the air free from harmful aerosolized particulates that can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Our germicidal UV lights and kits are easy to use, extremely effective and affordable on any budget. These kits come with everything you need for mounting and require very little maintenance. Order now to enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping, or contact us for more information and our experts will help you find what you need before you buy.