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In this article I would like to discuss the importance of changing an expandable pleated furnace, air handler, and, or air conditioner air filter.
Expandable pleated air filters should be changed anywhere from 4, 6, 9 or 12 months, depending on the condition of air quality, environment, type of filter and even MERV rating. If a homeowner likes to keep the windows open in the house, or has pets, it will shorten the life of any filter.
An average home owner averages up to 14 hours a day inside there home. Often unaware of how the poor indoor air quality actually affects there health.
This often overlooked task can result in:
Less efficient furnace, air conditioner and or air handler. Dirty clogged filters, restricts of air flow causes equipment to work harder and longer.
Poor indoor air quality in your home.
Mold can also build up in moist damp areas.
Unexpected costly repairs.
Reduction in the reliability of your home comfort equipment
Clean Pleated furnace filterDirty Pleated furnace filter
Increase your family’s level of comfort and protect the efficiency and reliability of your furnace, air conditioner and, or air handler, by regularly replacing your air filter.
Follow the easy example on how to change your air filter.
Locate where your air filter is at.In a standard upflow application, the filter will be located on either side of the furnace toward the bottom.In a downflow application the filter is typically at the top, above the furnace or in the duct work about 6-7 feet from the floor.In a horizontal application, in a crawl space or in an attic the air filter will be on the left side or right, upstream of the air flow.
Determine the size of the air filter that needs to be replaced. Typically the part number is located on the box or product. The easiest way to search for your expandable pleated filter is by the manufacture and then model number.
Purchase a replacement filter in the size required for your system. There are a variety of filters to choose ranging from the inexpensive standard fiberglass filters to pricier synthetic polyester ones.For info and education, every filter is descriptive enough to make you dangerous in filter knowledge.
Consider high rated efficiant filter if you live in warmer, dustier climates as they do more than just capture dust particles. The higher the MERV rating the more particles captured.The high efficiency filters can trap tiny particles of dust, pollen, mold and other irritants.
Look at HEPA, or higher MERV rated filters and filters that are coated with chemicals to kill bacteria if allergies and other irritants are a concern in your families environment.Note the higher MERV rated filters that capture more particles do get dirtier faster.
Use a black permanent marker when you change the filter to display the date changed, so you know when to change it again.Or just sign up for or AUTO SHIP program.
Replace pleated filters at least 1,2 or even 4 times per year.
Read the manufacturer's label as most recommend changing your expandable pleated air filter on a quarterly to semi-annual basis.