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GENERALAire 14in Germicidal UV Lamp for MS24ER GENERALAire LSK36 16in 36w UV H-Lamp for GUV25403A / GUV100A83 GENERALAire 4880 UVC16CL 16in Lamp
GENERALAire 4870 UVVCL 5" Super Plasma Ozone Replacement Lamp GENERALAire 50 Watt 18 Inch UVC Lamp LT-50 (GFI #4448) for PCO2450 GENERALAire LT016 UVC Lamp (2 Pack)
Bring the germ-killing power of
the outside sun inside your home
and clean the air in ways filtration
alone can’t. Breathe even
healthier air with GeneralAire®
UV Air Purifiers.