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3M Air Care Checklist:
Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Wash bedding in hot water
Damp dust furniture
Toss unwanted and/or spoiled food
Vacuum carpets, area rugs and floors

Launder washable curtains and damp dust blinds
Clean top of refrigerator and other kitchen appliances
Dust Baseboards with a damp cloth
Vacuum underneath heavy furniture
Vacuum and rotate furniture cushions
Clean refrigerator's drip pan
Wash Pet bedding
Launder washable throw rugs
Damp dust window screens and sills
Check furnace filter

Every Three Months
Change Filtrete High-Efficiency Furnace Filter
Clean exhaust fans and vents in bathrooms and kitchen
Clean under sinks, watching for leaks or excess moisture
Clean underneath and behind the refrigerator, including the coils
Wash garbage and recycling containers
Clean inside and underneath stove
Clean drains in sinks, tubs, or showers
Reduce clutter by tossing items that can collect dust

Spring / Fall Cleaning
Check house for unwanted chemical and discard them appropriately
Clean indoor fireplaces
Clean ceiling fan and light fixtures
Remove and wash window screens
Inspect and clean gutters
Vacuum and flip mattresses
Clean lint out of your dryer's exhaust hose
Replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Have chimneys inspected and cleaned
Dry-clean non-washable draperies
Check your home for moisture and water leaks
Schedule professional inspection of appliances that burn fuel for heating, cooling or hot water
Clean carpeting to help reduce dust and airborne debris

Yearly Appliance Check
Stove (gas)
Dryer (gas)
Water Heater
Other __________________